High-Quality Industrial Castings and Spares

NMT is a leading provider of industrial castings and spare parts, catering to diverse industries like Cement, Quarrying, Mining, and Shipping. We offer a comprehensive solution, encompassing:

  • Integrated Foundry: Our 4-section foundry utilizes advanced technology and stringent quality control procedures to produce a wide range of castings.
  • Customizable Solutions: We manufacture Grey Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, and Non-Ferrous metals, catering to your specific requirements. This includes:
    • Municipal Castings (Gratings and Manhole Covers)
    • Custom Components (Ball Mill Parts, Crusher Jaw Plates, Hammers, Ship Anchors, Counterweights)
  • Pattern Production: Our in-house pattern production unit is equipped to create both simple and complex patterns for accurate casting replication.
  • Diverse Molding Lines: We possess three molding lines, dedicated to handling both small/medium castings (Bentonite mixtures) and large castings (Furan mixtures).
  • Quality Control and Testing: A dedicated laboratory ensures adherence to the highest quality standards and the ability to produce castings for various industry needs.

Industrial Castings: Meeting Your Specifications

NMT offers a variety of casting materials to meet your specific application requirements. Some commonly used materials include:

  • ASTM A27/A27M (Gray Iron Castings)
  • ASTM A148/A148M (Malleable Iron Castings)
  • ASTM A128/A128M (Gray Iron Castings for Pressure-Containing Parts for Temperatures Up to 649°C (1200°F))
  • ASTM A297/A297M (Cast Iron Castings for Soil Pipe and Fittings)
  • ASTM A532/A532M (Steel Castings, Wrought Alloy Fittings for Use at Elevated Temperatures)
  • ASTM A1001 (Steel Castings, Carbon, for Pressure-Containing Parts)
  • ASTM A536-84 (Steel Castings, Carbon, for General Applications)
  • ASTM A48/A48M (Gray Iron Castings for Valves, Flanges, and Pipe Fittings)

Industrial Spares: Keeping Your Equipment Running Smoothly

NMT understands the importance of maintaining your equipment. Our industrial spare parts production caters to:

  • Obsolete Equipment: We can manufacture replacement parts for equipment that is no longer readily available from original manufacturers.
  • Modern Equipment: We offer solutions for unexpected downtime, providing stop-gap solutions to keep your operations running.

Our production process utilizes either:

  • Conventional Engineering: Leveraging established engineering practices to design and manufacture replacement parts.
  • Reverse Engineering: Employing advanced technology to analyze and replicate existing components, ensuring compatibility with your equipment.
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