Precision Machining and Fabrication: Bringing Your Ideas to Life

NMT offers a complete solution for your machining and fabrication needs. Our team of skilled machinists and fabricators combined with our extensive workshop capabilities allow us to:

  • Craft Custom Parts: We understand that your requirements may be unique. Our expertise allows us to design and manufacture a wide range of supplementary parts to meet your specific needs.
  • Advanced Machining Capabilities: Equipped with advanced machinery like the APW BA 3020 Premium CNC Ultra High-Pressure Water Jet Cutting Machine, we can achieve precise and intricate cuts on various materials.
  • Diverse Fabrication Techniques: From traditional oxy-acetylene gas cutting to high-tonnage pressing and bending, our workshop offers a comprehensive range of fabrication methods to suit your project requirements.
  • Sheet Metal Expertise: Our shearing machines handle material thicknesses up to 6mm, while bending and rolling machines allow for precise shaping and forming of sheet metal components.

Our Workshop Facilities:

  • Fully Equipped Fabrication Shop: We house a complete suite of machinery to handle all aspects of your metal fabrication needs.
  • APW BA 3020 Premium CNC Ultra High-Pressure Water Jet Cutting Machine: This advanced technology enables precise and clean cuts on a variety of materials.
  • Optical Profile Oxy-Acetylene Gas Flame Cutting Machines: Offer a versatile and cost-effective method for cutting various metal shapes.
  • Shearing Machines: Efficiently cut sheet metal up to 6mm thickness.
  • Mechanical Presses (250 tons): Deliver the power and control needed for complex forming and shaping operations.
  • Hydraulic Press (300 tons): Provides even greater force for heavy-duty metal shaping tasks.
  • Bending Machines: Create precise bends and folds in sheet metal components.
  • Rolling Machines: Allow for the controlled curving and shaping of metal sheets.
  • Guillotine: Offers a clean and efficient method for cutting sheet metal.

Benefits of Partnering with NMT:

  • One-Stop Shop: We handle all aspects of your project, from design and machining to fabrication and finishing.
  • Advanced Capabilities: Our state-of-the-art equipment ensures precision, efficiency, and the ability to tackle complex projects.
  • Custom Solutions: We take the time to understand your specific needs and deliver tailored solutions.
  • Quality and Expertise: Our skilled team is committed to delivering high-quality workmanship.
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